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March 31, 2011


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Absolutely fantastic! I love keeping the original facade and having it modernized that way for parking. Impressive!


Quite amazing. Though I suspect there'll be an ongoing issue with cars parking parallel and blocking the driveway. Having grown up in the Haight, I know that this is a problem even when it's obvious that a driveway leads to a garage.


How much space is lost so the door may close?

Asilee Barnes



its so batcave!



Andrew, EIT

I have a solution to the parking problem. What you need to do is take down the tacky sign on the front of the house and install a hydraulically retractable fire hydrant in front.

Thanks, I am a little bit in love.


why isn't the bottom window a single hung window instead of two. it doesn't match the upper two middle windows. it doesn't match the other two windows. sorry for damping the love


Clever and no doubt super expensive, tho I could see this getting popular if standardized & made in a factory for people who hate the 'snout' look of protuburant suburban garages.


It's a great solution to city bureaucracy! It looks decent, too. However, the overall building is old and ugly. Bureaucrats are stubborn and insist that they know best when they really don't.

In some cities, that house would be illegal. No front yard and no side yard. See, that's another example of a bureaucrat thinking they know best. If that house were built in another city, the bureaucrats would slap a notice on the structure and say "tear it down".


that would mean tearing down most houses derek. i like the building...ugly is a subjective term.




That city will be destroyed by a 9.2 anyway.


This is totally awesome. And they don't have to give up the old fashion look to boot. I'm just glad they don't have some idiot in city government that has got a family member wanting favors by having the contractors spend money that is not needed to be spent. I have seen that way too many time before.


I am opposed to going to all that $$ and use of power to construct a fake facade...

I see many beautiful old Vics with beautiful garage doors on the front , grade level... I live next to one...

Aesthetics aside, the electricity used to move all that weight! What a waste.

Gary R. Collins, AIA

Sustainability: enhanced by limiting in-town auto use in favor of walking and public transit.

The public street: security is not enhanced by rows of garage doors, real or faux.

Clever solutions: Although this may be a miniscule example, engineering genius has historically dug the environmental hole deeper by serving immediate societal wishes for growth, as if divinely mandated, before understanding unintended consequences. This will also apply to much "green" engineering and preservationist public policy, without a doubt. Bottom line: there is now room for one more car in the city.


All good until people park across the entrance because they don't realise it's a garage.

Jordan Wutkee

Derek, this house was originally built before the most draconian zoning laws came into being. Those bureaucrats you deride are the ones responsible for the modern suburban landscape of front lawns. Dense cities filled with old houses like this one are the product of the free market, in spite of the municipal bureaucracies. The sprawling suburbs were designed by bureaucrats who suppose they know best, with the subversive effect of isolating people, and preventing strong communities from forming in dense neighborhoods.

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That's another example of a bureaucrat thinking they know best. If that house were built in another city, the bureaucrats would slap a notice on the structure and say "tear it down".

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This is certainly a brilliant idea. It will add more space to the house.

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Wonderful! The space can be turned into garage.

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